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The Best LinkedIn Strategy That Every Marketer Should Know

12 Jul

Chances are, not as much as you would like. Through Lewis’ program, he goes through a lot of tips and strategies of over 4 years of experience leveraging this 161 Million User Website. But, out of all the strategies that Lewis reveals, there is one that I love the most…


LinkedIn Outsourcing Report: How to Use LinkedIN the Right Way to Build your Business

12 Jul

OK, I know exactly what you’re thinking:I don’t need another thing on my “to-do” list!In fact, the very thought of starting and then maintaining another platform on social media; finding groups to join; actively engaging and working to build a network of people that someday might be valuable to your business; creating the perfect profile page that says and does all the “right” things without innocently doing some major faux pas that will get you tarred, feathered and banished from the LinkedIn neighborhood, is enough to tempt you to stick your head in the sand and just hope it all goes away.But here is the reality. Social Networks are not going away. And just as word of mouth and being introduced to the right people was important in those “simple” days of the past, so is social networking today. Don’t let the technology blind you to the fact that LinkedIn is packed with busy professionals, just like you, that want a way to connect with the right people without all the