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Goal Setting

10 Dec

Goal Setting Goal Setting Exercise for closing out the year and getting ready for 2013! It really takes just 5 to 10 minutes to do, so take the time to DO IT


Pinterest Traffic Trick for YouTube Videos

18 Oct

Pinterest Traffic Trick for YouTube Videos. Want Pinterest Traffic?

Royalty Free Music for YouTube

18 Oct

Music is ABSOLUTELY essential for your videos! That’s why I’ve given you FIVE Royalty Free Music Tracks to use in your YouTube videos! To grab those copyright free songs, simply click the link above to download them all!

YouTube for Business

28 Sep

Can YouTube for Business Be More than Candid Camera?

YouTube for Business

27 Sep

Ready for Results? YouTube for Business in 3 Steps!

Video Revolution Caught on Tape!

13 Sep

This just keeps getting bigger! Marketing on YouTube has taken a new twist as it transforms into an online business powerhouse. Is your business ready for the Revolution?

Video Marketing Strategy to Close More Clients!

27 Aug

Video Marketing Strategy to Close More Clients!